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Sea Shelley MerMadam President


In a book that encourages daring dreams, Sea Shelley combines heartfelt poetry and colorful creatures to explore bridging the land of opportunity with the sea of change – through civic responsibility.

Join Sea Shelley and her furry, adventurous pup, Salty Walt, on their whimsical quest campaigning across the land – and sea. With her ambitions rooted in environmental awareness and conservation, the spunky little mermaid shares her journey to take on the challenges of the world with kindness and creative solutions. Sea Shelley shows us that we’re never too small to think big.

Sea Shelley is also available for book signings which include interactive storytelling and education about how we as a whole can come together to protect our water and environment. Join Sea Shelley on her National Tour visiting all 50 states, starting with Florida, then off to Georgia, and the last stop (for now) in New Jersey!

If you would like Sea Shelley to visit your town, be sure to send her a sEa-Mail here.

If you are a Mermaid and want to share this story with the young humans as part of your mermaid party, I want to speak to you!  

If you are a business owner and would like to carry The Book: Sea Shelley MerMadam President, and set up a book signing, click on the button.

This book has been self-published.

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