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In a book that encourages daring dreams, Sea Shelley combines heartfelt poetry and colorful creatures to explore bridging the land of opportunity with the sea of change – through civic responsibility.

​Join Sea Shelley and her furry, adventurous pup, Sergeant Walt, on their whimsical quest campaigning across land – and sea. With her ambitions rooted in environmental awareness and conservation, the spunky little mermaid shares her journey to take on the challenges of the world with kindness and creative solutions. Sea Shelley shows us that we’re never too small to think big.


Pre-Order Sea Shelley MerMadam President!  For two years, Shelley has been reciting and creating this story.  Written by her father J.M. McKernan Jr, and Illustrated by Mary K Mickiewicz, Sea Shelley is coming out of the Gulf of Mexico to spread water awareness.  Clean water is essential; water is life. 

This hardcover book will be in Naples, Florida by December 2018 or January 2019.  Completely depending on the amount of pre-sales.  All orders through this website will be signed and inscribed by Sea Shelley.

If you are a business, please email for bulk pricing, displays in store, and book signings.

Sea Shelley MerMadam President The Book

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