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Enchanting Events with Sea Shelley!

Mermaids, the sirens of the sea, are associated with perilous mishaps or unbounded benevolence depending on which folk tales you read. These mythical creatures are still a source of fascination today and the basis of many a fantasy. They’re also a favorite with events for both children and adults, whether you’ve got an Under The Sea theme or you just want to add a touch of make-believe. mermaids have the power to enchant just about everybody and bring sparkle while awaking childhood dreams.

Themed parties aren't just for kids anymore... When you need an elite experience to looks to "wow" your clients, appreciation events, cocktail party guests, tradeshows, fundraisers, hotel shows, or product launch parties... Sea Shelley is your key to an impressive experience.


Mermaid Pool Parties, Corporate Events and Education


We cannot live without nature. Water is life.  

Plants have a (not so) secret power of healing.  

Love mends all wounds.

Communication and Compassion provide us personal strength.

~Shelley McKernan (Sea Shelley)

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Dream, Believe, Work Hard, Become.   ~Sea Shelley

Join Sea Shelley and her furry, adventurous pup, Salty Walt, on their whimsical quest across land – and sea!


With her ambitions rooted in environmental awareness and conservation, travel with her as she shares her journey to take on the challenges of the world! 


Sea Shelley believes in kindness and creative solutions to address our water issues.  Goals are never too small; think big and to always believe in yourself. 

Order this patriotic environmental story for a fun table book and read it to kids.   Or, experience a reading by Sea Shelley on the shell phone or Zoom!  Click on the links below to find out more information.   

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