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Lellow Naples

Lellow is a raw food concept incorporating community, sustainability, and eco-lifestyle. Shelley's Lellow raw food interests have continued to evolve tremendously. Shelley loves embracing the fresh fruits and vegetables of south Florida, and continues to be inspired and pursue this raw food concept as Sea Shelley adding flair and fancy to Florida foods.

Sea Shelley believes in the healing power of food, specifically vegan raw preparation.  What is raw food?

Vegan Raw Food is free of wheat and wheat-gluten, refined sugar, soy, animal products like dairy and meat and common allergens that create inflammation and challenge our immune system. ~Ani Phyo

Vegan Raw Food consists of unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  

Raw Vegan Nectarine Pie
Raw Vegan Black Sapote Pie
Star Fruit Salad
Birdfeeder Roll
Ani Phyo and Sea Shelley
Sea Sir Pow Wrap
Raw Vegan Salmon Patty



Raw, Vegan Whole Food Detox

3 or 7 day detox

rest & reset your  digestive system to reach your own wellness goals

Call Shell & Be Well  239-248-1475

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