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Look at this stuff, Isn't it neat? 

Found most this stuff just by walking the beach.

Shelley Sea Shades are made with precision, care, and lots of love. My fancy Shell Shades are made with hand-picked shells and sand from Naples Beach and the Florida Keys.  Like you, each pair is unique and one of a kind.  Shelley Sea Shades are lightweight and made with multiple glues and finishes to withstand heat and survive minor falls.  Upon purchase of Shelley Sea Shades, you will also receive a Shelltificate of Authenticity & Care Instructions. 






Shelley Sea Shades

Contact Shelley if you have an older pair of sunglasses you would like repurposed with shells. I am currently taking commission orders. I can also shellify new glasses or bulk orders per your specifications.  


Great accessories for:

costume parties






outdoor events

everyday wear

#GetShellified  #Shellfie

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