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Sea Shelley love to mingle! She arrives with a big sunshiny smile that ignites the hearts and imaginations of children. Mermaids, such as Sea Shelley cares strongly for the environment as well, promote immense creativity, kindness & self-esteem through elements of storytelling and make-believe. Teaching in a lighthearted manner the importance of love, good citizenship, and the power to manifest our dreams while making a positive impact on our environment.

​Mermaids are fascinating creatures who have acquired many unique talents and skills in their travels. They possess a wealth of knowledge from the deepest blue depths of the sea. Educational or just plain Entertaining, no matter what kind of mingle you choose we create plenty of smiles and magical memories.


Available for school groups, daycare centers, public storytime or private groups. Mermaid Mingle is a brilliant 45-minute experience child will never forget!

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