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Mermaid Magic Metamorphosis

By Sea Shelley

Mermaid Magic Metamorphosis: A profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of a human; a complete change of form as transformation by magic.  

Are you a Mermaid, Merman or Sea Ninja?  


Mermaids are all around us.  We are connected to the sea and love to perform, have fun, and spread positivity to the world. Sea Shelley wants to help all young mer people take those swishes and become part of the mermaid magic with FantaSea. 

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Let's inspire children to believe in themselves, share and praise theirs & others talents with compassion and kindess.  It is imperative that children are creative, hopeful, and passionate about things that make them happy along with the natural environment they live in everyday.

~Sea Shelley  

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