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Sea Shelley Lifestyle Brand

Sea Shelley is passionate about environmental and individual wellness. In her efforts to educate and encourage others into feeling and living better, she leads discussions about "finding your alkaline" and incorporating plant-based foods into your or your loved one's diets. She also works with businesses to promote and raise awareness of our struggling aqueous ecosystems. 


Finding Your Alkaline 7.365 - What is it? 

Your body is either Acidic or Alkaline.  Acidic is bad, Alkaline is good.  Consuming Alkalizing foods and minerals everyday is important so your body doesn't deplete it's own resources neutralizing acid.  Thus, naturally promoting a healthy alkaline level.  In these interactive lectures, Sea Shelley presents tips, inspiration, and knowledge in relatable manner - and includes many of her own personal experiences. Shelley promotes and practices vegan, raw food utilization and technique, yet she understands that it's not an option for everyone; therefore, she primarily encourages the consumption of homemade and organic foods. Let Sea Shelley help you find your alkaline.   


Environmental Wellness - How can we help?

Do you have an innovative product?  Does it help the sea and our waterways?  Sea Shelley would love to collaborate with you or your business to promote and raise awareness for our waters. The Sea Shelley network is based in Naples, Florida, but includes such national and global talents as Wyland the Artist, Ani Phyo, & support of One Million Acts of Kindness. 


Sea Shelley strives for positive living through global kindness, personal wellness, and a connectedness to our environment to fight pollution and promote eco-efficiency.  

If you would like Sea Shelley to speak at an event as a mermaid or sea nymph - or as a regular human -, email


It will be difficult to remedy Global Climate Change, but we can live cleaner and act creatively to benefit the world. 


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