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Art by Sea Shelley 

Sea Shelley started making plant-based fascinators when she attended the 2012 Fantasy Fest in Key West. Since, Sea Shelley fascinators have been spotted at many fashion and charity events around Naples, Florida, including the Junior Women's Derby Party, Botanical Garden Functions, GSL White Party, and Purple Party. Each piece is living art, allowing the ultimate earthly accessory. For peak color and freshness, fascinators should be worn as soon as possible or stored in a cool environment. These pieces will artfully brown and dry over time - ideal for display.  They can be used as a souvenir art piece, re-purposed, or composted. Sea Shelley's very first fascinator is still intact (from 2012) and has even handled a move! Over the past few years, Sea Shelley's Designs have broadened with Shell Art. 

Interested in a children's event for your littles? Or a creative, one-of-a-kind girls night idea? 'Sea' Shelley at your home with all materials ready for your guests to make their own fashion pieces. 


Each year Sea Shelley creates a new fashion item or accessory - what will be her next project? 

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