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Aphanizomenon flos-aquae: AFA

  • nourishes your brain

  • contains more protein than any other organism 

  • contains a complete balance of vitimins except for Vitamin D & E which you can get from spending time in the sun and assimilating chlorophyll. 

  • contains almost every organic mineral in trace amounts

  • contains dozens of carotenoids, all able to neutralize the deleterious effects of dangerous free radicals

  • is the highest known source of chlorophyll

  • has a wide range of sixty-four micro-nutrients which is remarkable and unsurpassed by any known food


What is truly unique about the algae is that its amino acid profile is almost identical to that found in our body, making AFA one of nature's perfect foods.


How connected to the sea are we?  Try E3Live and you will find out quickly.  E3Live is certified organic, kosher, vegan, gluten free and non-gmo. E3Live is a wild grown food and its products are made exceeding quality and safety standards to give you 100% satisfaction though out harvesting practices.  AFA is a blue-green micro algae super food that comes from Klamath Lake in Oregon.


I have been using E3Live fresh-frozen (apple/lemon) for a while now and will continue to use it indefinitely.  My recovery time is faster for anything that uses my energy.  It is easier for me to concentrate and have more metal and physical energy.  I also love their skin care products.  The soaps, creams and body polish make my skin feel refreshed and clean.  I highly reccomend using on your own to 'sea' the difference.  Sea Shelley is a proud affiliate with E3Live.  Please click on the link to order this product to deliver right to your home.

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E3 Live


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