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Do you have a special event and want to have a professional mermaid to entertain, take pictures, and share mermaid spirit to your guests?  Sea Shelley and the Naples Mermaids are here for you!  We can provide simple decorations to set the mood.  In addition to land mermaids, we can also provide water entertainment.  The water dance performed by Sea Shelley is a calm, surface and underwater swim.  Dances involve slow arm and tail movements, ribbons, underwater posing, spinning, flipping and an occasional splash.  Day or night, guests can watch from the pool deck or above.  It is a delightful showcase of mermaid magic and grace for special events and holidays. Email: for more information or a custom experience.  Shelley has been at community events, bridal showers, fundraisers, and a superbowl party!

Corporate Mermaid Appearances & Entertainment Deposit

  • Create a talk around town by incorporating a "real" mermaid at your next event. Sea Shelley is available to work at your next private party or business affair, open house, or swim lesson. Sea Shelley can help you create a unique experience that will make your event more memorable for you and your guests.

    Sea Shelley is also available for modeling and performance art engagements. Email for questions or scheduling.

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