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45 minutes of Brave Mermaid Magic. Ages 1 - 10. Have Sea Shelley inspire your party guests in sharing their talents, building confidence, and talking about water awareness.  These parties can be done in or out of water.

Mermaid Party Includes:

Coloring pages for all kids

Shell gift for all kids

Pool toys & games

Storybook Reading: Sea Shelley MerMadam President & The Brave Mermaid

Mermaid Q & A

Singing Songs

Poetry Reciting

Mermaid Knowledge


Professional Children's Mermaid Entertainment Deposit

  • Sea Shelley is available to add excitement and whimsy to children's parties and themed events. You can book a mermaid for a beach (or pool) meet & greet, birthday appearance, storybook reading, crafting party, etc. A shell gift, coloring pages, and 45 minutes of Entertainment & Inspiration will be included in a single appearance. 
    Contact Sea Shelley for party favor discounts - headbands, sea crowns & sunglasses. about sea-themed children's food catering: a super fun way to offer and eat healthy snacks at your next party
    Price subject to change. Optional add-ons to mermaid parties include shell crafts, painting, fascinator design, nice cream making, and an extended visit, among others. Contact Sea Shelley at if you are interested in a mermaid to help create a fun, educational and inspirational experience for your child and his or her friends.

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